Looking for a Real Estate Agent? Make Sure to Ask These Questions

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, having a committed, knowledgeable real estate agent in your corner can mean the difference between a fast, easy, and lucrative process or a long, tedious, and expensive one—which makes finding such an agent one of the most important parts of buying or selling your property.

But how, exactly, do you evaluate potential agents and choose the right one?

recent article from realtor.com outlined key questions you should ask a real estate agent before deciding to work with them, including:

  • What type of representation do you provide? Depending on the state, real estate agents may offer different types of representation; for example, some agents specialize in representing buyers, some focus on sellers, many work with both buyers and sellers, and some manage real estate transactions as a neutral third-party. Before you commit to an agent, ask what type of representation they provide—and make sure that representation aligns with your needs.
  • How would you price and market my home? If you’re selling your property, you want an agent that’s going to price your home competitively and market it aggressively—so make sure to ask potential agents about their pricing and marketing plan ahead of time.
  • What are your fees? How much you’ll need to pay your agent will play a role in determining whether that agent is the right fit for your transaction—so be sure to ask about their commission rate and any other fees (like marketing fees or MLS fees) before deciding to move forward.

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