Selling Your Home in the Fall

Selling Your Home in the Fall

If you’re entering the market this fall, you should know this is a great time to sell. Though the market is not as hot as the spring months, the fall is the second best season and currently, inventory is low.

There are several things you can do to improve your chances of selling quickly:

Curb Appeal is important year round, but should be prioritized during autumn months. While the weather cooperates, keep up with mowing and edging; water your lawn so it remains green. Dry and dead patches suggest the homeowner does not take care of their yard, and therefore may not take care of the home.  This is certainly not the impression you want to make. You can purchase quick-grow grass repair kits at any major home improvement store.

Trees are a nice feature, but you don't want to advertise the maintenance that comes with them. Rake dead leaves from the lawn and make sure the entry paths are clear.

Cut down summer vines and dead flowers, and replace with autumn flowers or accent with potted plants and pumpkins. Daisies, Calendula, Mums, and Tulips are nice options if you’d like to add a pop of color. Don’t forget to refresh the mulch beds by laying bulk mulch over existing beds.

Once your yard has been updated, take a look at your home’s exterior. You may need to touch up exterior paint, garage doors, windows, or your roof. The first thing potential buyers touch is the front door so you want to ensure you make a great first impression. If your door is outdated, consider updating with high quality hardware and a fresh coat of paint.  Ensure your windows are clean and caulked. Consider replacing fogged or broken seals as this will come up during inspection so you might as well get ahead of it.

The Interior of your home should shine just as bright as the exterior. Fresh paint, clean carpet and wood floors, updated kitchen and bath fixtures, and hardware help to sell your home faster. The housing market is a beauty contest and the nicer your home looks; the easier it is for potential buyers to fall in love. Odors, dirty walls, and stained carpeting can cost you a sale. Most buyers are looking for move-in ready homes. Keep your seasonal and holiday decorations clean and neutral. Avoid having them photographed in listing documents as this can date how long the home has been on the market.

Your HVAC system needs to be cleaned and serviced, as this will be checked during inspections. Your contractor will note the date of service on the side of your furnace and this will help avoid questions and concerns from buyers.

Work with an Expert Realtor to ensure you maintain top dollar and sell as quickly as possible. They will ensure you are marketed properly and every detail and tended to. We will make sure you stand out and make the best impression to sell your home. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your home in further detail, please give us a call!

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